Sunday, April 3, 2016

Forever My Little Girl by Karen Kingsbury, Illustrated by Joann Lew-Vriethoff

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Aww!! It's such a cute little book.  It starts out with a little girl being born and the parents admiring the love and joy the sweet little girl. It then traces her throughout some of the major milestones: walking, six years old, seventh grade, first dance, marriage, and then the dad growing old and feeble, etc.  With each section, there's a little paragraph talking about the stage and how the mom or dad was there for the little girl and then there's a little rhyme about holding your hand through whatever comes. This is followed by some Bible verses and then a prayer.  It's just a really nicely put together book. The pictures are cute in a whimsical sort of way.

The story is Bible-based and so true. Amber will always be our little girl and I want to be there to hold her hand through whatever comes her way and to ask God to guide her and us on this journey called life.

It's gift-book size and I think I would gift it to either a mom just starting out with a little girl or to my own little girl when she is a bit older. I'm not sure what age I would give it to her: teenager, high school graduate, somewhere in there maybe.  I just read the back of the book and they recommend it as "A perfect gift for Mom, Dad, or for a grown-up little girl as she starts a new stage in life."

This book was given to me by Book Look Bloggers for the purpose of reading and writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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