Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Berenstain Bears' Easter Sunday by Mike Berenstain

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This is a children's book, ages 4-8 put out by ZonderKids. It is part of the Living Lights edition of the Berenstain Bears.

I thought Mike did a good job with this story. He told the basics of the Easter story and then got into the Easter bunny and eggs scenario a bit. He had the bears going on a treasure hunt at church for Bible characters that they put together into a picture story. His explanation of the Easter bunny is that in the spring is the sign of new life and Easter is also a sign of new life and so they came to be associated together even though they have nothing to do with each other.  He doesn't view the candy and Easter egg hunts as wrong as long as you remember the real meaning of Easter.

I think his explanation makes sense. It is going to be hard to raise children that aren't exposed to all the candy and bunnies, etc. around Easter and I think this is a way to explain it that keeps Christ in Easter. I don't know. My daughter isn't old enough yet to try it out on her. She liked the story all right, but was much more interested in playing with the book than in sitting and listening.

Once again, I like the book simply because I am a Berenstain Bears' book fan. For those of you with concerns, I feel Papa Bear was as equally represented in answering questions as Mama Bear. Mama might have responded first, but really how many children don't ask questions of their Mom first.

This book was given me by Book Look Bloggers for the purpose of reading and writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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