Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Now and Forever by Mary Connealy

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Okay, let me veer away from the dark and deep side of life and talk a bit about this book.  I got this book to review because I already at the first in the series and if we are getting free books, let's keep the series going, right?

This book was about Shannon Wilde and starts out pretty wild as well.  Mountain man Matthew Tucker falls down a mountainside because he's being chased by a grizzly bear and then Shannon grabs him and hurls him over the edge of cliff straight into the Slaughter River which has never been known to give out a man alive at the other end, but of course, they are rescued part way down, etc. etc. They fall in love even though Shannon has been pretending to be a boy. They are forced to marry by the Parson who thinks there may have been some indiscretions during their five days to rescue.  Okay, I could on and on but then I would be giving the story line away, so let me move on to the point I want to make from this book.

At the end, Matthew is telling Shannon that she is his wife and they are together forever and she will move up the mountain to his cabin either willingly or he will drag her up there if he has to.  Now, I'm not discrediting the author for adding this in nor am I saying that that was unrealistic because I'm thinking it is more true to life than we would like to imagine.  I consider myself somewhat opinionated and I can only imagine how it would go down if my husband came home and told me that in no uncertain terms we are moving to South Dakota and will only be coming back occasionally.  I'm thinking I would revolt a bit as well.

So that brings me to the question that I will not address long on this post because it isn't the point of the post, but what is submission? I'm talking submission of a wife to her husband, a child to their parents, etc. etc.  What does that look like? Should the husband or father just lay down the law and demand the wife/child to follow? Should there be respect involved? Discussion? Opinions shared? Does it vary on the situation?  These are just some of my thoughts that came as a result of reading this book.

I did enjoy the book. It was pretty fast-paced and fairly predictable, but I will probably be on the lookout for Book Three in this series and see who sways Bailey from her pretend male role.

This book was given me by Bethany House for the purpose of reading and writing a review on it. All opinions are my own.

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