Tuesday, September 2, 2014

$ 10 Great Dates

$10 Great Dates

This book was given me by Bethany House for the purpose of writing a review about it.

Help, I'm behind on my blogging reviews because I spent the last three months consumed with a reading program.  But now I have 7 brand-new free books coming in the mail--all books I've never read.  Now, who doesn't love the sound of that.  And I have a total of 5 books, this one included, waiting to be read and have a review posted about it.

$10 Great Dates is a nice little handbook for when you feel out of creative juices, want to do something fun for a date and don't want to break the bank to do it.  I haven't read through the whole book--it's not the kind of book that most people will pick up and read from cover to cover. Probably only weird people like me will do something like that.  But I've read enough of it to know I want to try some of the suggestions they gave.

There are definitely a few ideas that won't work for us.  For example, one date idea was to go to the library and spend the evening looking through books about home improvement, DIY, child-training, marriage, etc.  Now, I might enjoy this kind of a date, but D would definitely label it an abysmal fail.  Libraries are NOT his thing and while he indulges me the occasional library trip when he is with, I try not to drag him along on a regular basis and try not to stay long when I do.

Other options that I think we could enjoy would be going on a $10 drive back scenic roads we haven't explored before.  Take along a picnic lunch and stop along the way somewhere to eat it.   Your only expense is your gas--I guess the food doesn't count because you brought it from home.  This would be more down D's line than mine.

Other fun suggestions were: pretend to be a tourist in your hometown and see what new things you can find.  I think Mini-golf and ice cream at a cool ice cream shop would be a great idea for this, but in our town, you couldn't go mini-golfing for under $10 much less buy ice cream.  Or just walk Main Street and check out all the touristy stores.  Go out for dessert only--this way you can go to nicer restaurants, still get dressed up, but you save a ton of money by eating your main meal at home.  You could generally at least share a dessert and keep it under $10.

I definitely want to try out some of their suggestions.  It's definitely not a one-size-fits-all kind of book, but I think every one could find a few suggestions in there that would be fun for them as a couple.  The book also includes some conversation guidelines and a wrap up section to help you ponder your marriage.  I would definitely recommend chronicling these dates with lots of pictures.  They would make fun memories to look back on down the road.

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