Friday, February 7, 2014

The Dancing Master

The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen

This book was given to me by the Bethany House Publishers for the express purpose of writing a review.

This was a fun book to read for me right now.  This was set in a small town in England where dancing had been outlawed about 20 years ago. Lady Amelia had adopted her niece as her own daughter and while she loved her dearly, she had a hard time expressing that love, which made Julia, her daughter, feel very unloved and restricted in her freedom.

Lady Amelia's husband had not been in favor of taking in Julia and he showed no interest in her during her growing up years. I think this in turn caused Julia to seek any and all male attention.

When I write reviews, I like to think more about the themes expressed in the book rather than giving a small synopsis of what happened.  You can go read the book description on Amazon if you want that.

Forgiveness was a big theme to me in this book, though it really wasn't talked about much until the last couple of chapters, but once forgiveness was expressed, walls were broken down and relationships could be mended.

Another thing that was good for me to think about again is "Get the whole story and get both sides of the story." Due to a falsehood being believed for 20 years, a man was forced to leave home and a lady was forced to a miserable marriage and chose to become bitter when all along it was a lie.

This book was light reading, but very good reading.  Julie Klassen did a good job of weaving a very interesting story together while writing from various points of view and making it all make sense.

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