Friday, February 28, 2014


Five years ago today, we made our vows to each other; to love and to cherish in health and sickness, good times and bad times.  Or however, our vows went.  I suppose if I was truly intent on keeping them, I ought to know what they said.

But wait, if my only intention in reading them was to know what they said so I could make sure I followed them, wouldn't that somewhat defeat the notion of love?  Love shouldn't keep a list and follow it, now should it?  Shouldn't love be wanting to do all of the above mentioned things and many others beside?

Now, I am glad that our vows didn't say anything about cleaning the house and cooking the meals with all love and joy and happiness, because then, sadly enough, I would have broken the vows, possible before the first month or two was out.

But here we are at 5 years and right now, I am enjoying the cooking part.  I even got up and made breakfast burritos this morning, in honor of it being our anniversary.  That's true love, isn't it?  The cleaning part?  We are moving in a couple months--I'm pretty sure we won't be buried under dust before then, so I think I will wait. 

Five years:  they have been some of my best years and also some of my toughest years.  I love my husband--he is patient and kind and patient and loving and patient and compassionate with me.  Who knew I had such an ability to pick a fight and pick on the nonsensical things long enough to get myself all stewed up and upset and crying over it?  Who knew that I would be the one to raise the issues in our marriage?  Me?  I'm as peace-loving as ever. Ha!!! WRONG!!!  My husband is the peacemaker--he will do what he needs to to live in peace.  Let's not ruffle the waters, let's live under the radar, etc. etc.  Hence the reason we have had such a good five years--because he put up with me and was patient with me as I worked to learn to live peaceably with him.  I can attest that the last years have been better than the first years.  I can say we never had a hard time, but I like to think I have become easier to live with. 

Now, I don't want to take all the blame here--Dave still cannot stand if I chew popcorn in the same room he is in and he is abstaining from popcorn.  But really, if that is all the worse of issues, he has, he is the best to live with!!!

We have had some fun times: camping trips, anniversary getaways, battles with winning Settlers, good chats, campfires, gardening together and on an on. 

There have also been some hard times.  Five years ago, I didn't expect to have said good bye to two precious little ones before our fifth anniversary.  I thought life would be more idyllic--there wouldn't be financial issues, there wouldn't be relational conflicts, and there certainly wouldn't be grief.

Would I change anything in the past five years?  Yes, there are decisions we would do differently if we had them to do over, but all in all, I have learned a lot and wouldn't want to change the difference the past five years has made in my life. 

Here's to another 5++++++ years!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh dear me, you always remember all the dates and I am so terrible at it. Here is a wish for that lovely anniversary you had and a wish for the next five too. There now I'm done for 5 years :)


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