Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm Back and Rambling like Normal

So once again I am at work and a little bored today.  I am waiting on a baby to arrive and I have to be honest, I wish it would get its act in gear and get with the program.  This is Wednesday after all and is supposed to be my afternoon off.  Last Wednesday I was here for 14 hours instead of 4 and this Wednesday is threatening to be a repeat though not as many hours, hopefully.

Just a few things to keep in mind again when you are having a baby: (by the way, so far we have the model couple here):
- Even if you think you know everything, try not to ask questions in such a way as to make the nurse get her dander up.  She loves to take the time to answer questions, but she does not appreciate feeling on the defensive when the questions are asked in such a way as to make the nurse feel inferior like she may or may not know what is going on.
- If you want a labor coach and you don't know if the nurse will comply, then bring your own.  Don't ask the nurse if she is a good labor coach.  She will be tempted to say: "No, I most certainly am not because she may not feel like rubbing your stomach and speaking kind soft words to you for the next 5 hours straight."
- If other people in the room want to chat, let them.  I know you think you are the only person on the face of the earth right now, but reality is you aren't.  And it most certainly won't hurt you to try to get your mind off of your circumstances and your pain and your problems and listen to some normal conversation.  If it really drives you nuts, then block them out and picture yourself by a lake with a gentle breeze blowing and good book and a glass of wine.  Now, I don't advocate wine, but I think that would be the ticket to fully distract yourself.
- If you want olive oil to be used, bring your own.  The doctor's wife is gracious, but that is asking a lot to ask her to donate from her kitchen supplies for your personal needs.
- If you go against your midwife's advice, then probably don't ask to invite her to your labor.  Likely that is going to cause a little unnecessary tension and puts the nurse in a tough spot to try and gently explain that your midwife is a little territorial and it probably would just be for the best if you don't have your midwife here.

Another thing that is not very nice to ask the nurse:  Don't ask her if she has any children and then when she says no; don't say in a condescending tone of voice, "But you have been married for awhile haven't you?"  These things are personal and not to be discussed with patients.  Yes, I know you are now wondering and likely assuming that maybe the nurse can't have children or doesn't want them (Shame Shame).  Hopefully, you won't your own conclusions and spread them as fact.  That's the best I can hope for I guess.

On a totally different note, I love free things and one way I can get free books is by reading books and then blogging about my thoughts on them.  So you will need to bear with me as I blog a few posts about books I read.  The first book will be "A Home of Her Own" by Anne Mateer.  I think all that information is right.  I should be finished with it before too long.  It was a decent book in the way of fiction books.  I like fiction books-I will unashamedly say that.

Well, I shall move on now.  To what?  I am not certain.

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