Saturday, September 25, 2010


The sun is shining, the sun is shining. The sun is a beautiful thing!!!! After about 5 3/4 inches of rain, the sun is a welcome treat. Life just looks so much better when the sun is shining and when your man is home.

D went for an overnight primitive camping trip. I stayed home and did things that I used to do, like stay up really, really late and then sleep in really, really, really late. It was great, but it is also very great to have D back home again. It's weird how it works. I used to get along just fine by myself, bragged about it really and now I love having my husband at home. I will admit though I do enjoy the occasional evening at home by myself. Last night all the "widow" ladies got together for supper. I went, but I would have been just as content at home by myself. Besides they all were mom with at least 3 children, most of them have 6 children, so it was a little out of my league. And I dont like coming home after dark that much with stuff to bring in from the car. I know I am a chicken about the dark. I came home, lit some candles, heated a partial cup of coffee and snuggled down on the couch with a book and blankets and read the night away. Yes, I can still sleep by myself and no I don't need to go to somebody else's house to sleep. I don't care that others did; I'm sure if my close friends were around it would have been a complete blast to do it. Thinking about it--we should do that sometime. Get out all the junk food and pop and talk and laugh until the sunrise.

So saying all that in a very disjointed and complex paragraph, I should get back to working on my stuff for weight loss and healthy eating. I don't suppose the junk food and pop will have any play in my studying, huh. Even though I am drinking a pop, but it is a diet soda to be sure.

I better go; I was planning to take a break from typing as my hands and wrists get tired, and this blogging didn't help matters at all

So long. Go enjoy the sunshine; one never knows how long it will last.

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