Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day Weekend and Beyond

I'm not sure why this picture was taken, except maybe to show the clutter on the floor. We always keep leaves on our rugs. It gives the house more of an outdoorsy look!!
Grandpa helping Ryan feed a calf the bottle. Ryan was very excited about feeding calves. He still remembers a little calf we had over a year ago that we had called Mikey.

He has no fear. I'm sorry, there are lots of pics of Ryan. Blame Katrina, I got them off of her camera. I guess when you are little and cute and excited about life, you get lots of pics taken.

Ross' version of helping with chores. He was busy combining corn. Shelling, that is the word I want. I couldn't think what the word was for getting the corn off the husk.

Ryan seeing what some field corn tastes like. He soon gave that up; someone combined the corn and on the way home, they had fun throwing corn kernels at people.

Headed out on a walk. Almost everyone walked down Sunday evening to where we were choring.

Ryan bonding with Jax. Him and Roxanne really liked the animals. He tried to straighten Jax's tail, but it didn't work so well for him. Sorry Ryan, his tail is still curly.

This is Veronica. She did a lot of that. The fly swatter is also significant in that we were overtaken by flies in the house and so a good bit of swatting went on.

Well, I'm back. I haven't been posting very much lately. Maybe the newness has worn off or I just haven't felt like blogging. Possibly a combination of both. I was going to post some pictures of our Labor Day Weekend family get together, but the computer is rebelling against downloading the pictures. I suppose about the time I have this all written, the pictures will download at any crazy old spot. Well know this, that I will not rewrite this and so if pictures are all weird and out of order, that's why.
We had a good Labor Day. My parents and oldest sister and her family came down. It was a good time. Just relaxed, ate food, did chores and then Monday, the females went shopping. Unfortunately because it was a holiday not all of the stores were open. We didn't make it to the great St. Vincent's; however I went there today and got a lot of books for a few bucks. I said this for the benefit of my nieces in case they read this that they will then despair on what we missed out on. I don't have a lot more to say about the weekend, as I was hoping the pictures would help tell the story. Let me check on the progress, or lack there of of uploading or downloading or whatever kind of loading or unloading these pictures are trying to do.

This week, my big nephew, R stayed down to help D on the farm with some calfly chores. It was fun to have my nephew around. It seems weird that he is so old and even mature. He's having a great weekend, so I think that made up for some of the blood and guts and manure of the week.
Yeah, I got to chase calves last night. It was a real treat. This time, I was at least somewhat presentable. The silly little things were headed down the road to the hayfield. Thankfully, they were fairly easily coralled and stuffed back into their pen. Earlier this week, I came home to see some calves in the yard and a few looking out the feed room door window at me. That's weird to see that. They trashed the feedroom, but R came to the rescue and graciously cleaned it up. We think he should move down here.

So, our weight loss group goes official on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous about it all. I know nothing about these kinds of things and what do I think I'm doing trying to run one. So Kerra and I will give it our best effort and see if the pounds come sliding off.

Well, I see at least one picture came through when I redid it. We will see where the rest go and if they will come through as well. So the pictures came through, but exactly backwards so far. Let's try a few more.

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  1. Cool Aurelia. Why didn't I know about this sooner. Yes, we all had a great week-end. Thanks a lot for the great time.I'm also hooked on those Mountain Pie things. About R moving down, well, I think you can forget that for a little here. But you are welcome to borrow him once in awhile. Keep up the good work.


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