Saturday, April 8, 2017

You Know You're a Mom by Harry H. Harrison JR

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A book for Moms who Spend Saturdays at the Soccer Field instead of the Spa

This is a fun little gift book, coffee table book if you're looking for that gift for a mom you know, a good friend, a baby shower gift, etc. etc.

It's a fun easy read that I read all in one day. It was a little different than I expected and I wasn't sure what a male author would have to say that was pertinent to a Mom, but I thought Harry did a good job.

There are seven chapters covering pregnancy, baby, toddler, schoolkids, working mom, teens, and adult kids. There are just little phrases in the chapters, some of them feel very applicable now already, some are humorous, some are real life, some are goals I would like to attain to.

I'll give you a few examples:

"You Know You're a Pregnant Mom when.... You buy a book of one hundred thousand baby names--and then name your baby after your grandmother......You stare in the mirror and decide that the whole "pregnancy glow" thing must be a myth."

"You Know You're the Mom of a Baby when....You realize all the books were helpful, but you would have been better of spending that time sleeping.....You're worried your six-month-old doesn't have enough friends......You worry how to keep your baby safe in an unsafe world."

You Know You're the Mom of a Toddler when.....Everything you won is mysteriously sticky....You're happy when your child cries for Daddy instead of for you....You understand a child's moral development is dependent on his emotional well-being....You realize great teenagers are created in childhood.....You realize the whole family has clean laundry except for you."

This was a fun book to read. I haven't decided if I will keep it in hopes someday we will have a coffee table or if I will pass it along to a mom who may need a bit of humor in her life.

This book was given to me by Book Look Bloggers and I was not required to write a positive review.

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