Saturday, November 26, 2016


I think I must be getting older. Yes, I know that's a given. I'd like to say I'm getting more mature too, but I can only hope on that one.

But the reason I said I must be getting older is this, we are nearing the end of 2016, about 35 more days to go and I find myself evaluating my year, looking at my life, considering what I want to change in 2017. I find myself almost struck with a frantic feeling of both there's so much I want to do in 2016 yet and there's so much I want to change about myself in 2017. I can almost feel overwhelmed with the thought of it all.

In 2016 yet, there are Christmas gifts to DIY, fun food to make, some bucket list things I'd like to do for Christmas, some traditions that I'd like to think up and start making a pattern in our family. One of them has been established in our family, but then we moved up here and it became very difficult. Since the first year we were married, I believe, we have gotten take out or gone out to eat on Christmas eve. It was easy in Spencer, AppleBee's actually stayed open on Christmas Eve. Then we moved up here and we ended up with fast food Chinese the one year and I don't even remember what we had the other year. So I think we are going to need to switch it up a little if we want good food this year. There are other projects I'd like to do yet this year as well, but I'm trying to remind myself that people are more important than projects and being able to be spontaneous will make me more pleasant to be around than doggedly sticking to a list regardless.

Then there's 2017 and I find myself writing down potential goals for next year, thinking about my word of the year and how I'm going to live it out. I'm not going to do the 101 goals that I did this year. Yes, 101 is an exaggeration, but I'm going to limit it a bit more this year, though I enjoyed last year's goal setting craze and didn't do too terrible at it even.

Does anybody else find this happening? This looking back and looking forward with almost like a heavy weight because of all there is to do and all there is to change in my life and character? Or do you all float through life, grabbing it by the horns as needed, but not compelled to make lists and set goals and develop discipline? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Which one are You?

Take life as it comes?
Or charge headlong into it?

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