Monday, November 28, 2016

A December Challenge

December is just around the corner and the busyness of the holidays can take away from the meaning of the season. I found a photo challenge that I am going to try to do for the month of December and I am inviting you all to join me. I have a list that I downloaded from some printables I bought that I will post and each day you need to take a photo of that item. Now if you don't have a photo of that item, which I don't of all of them, then you can post a picture of something else.

The goal of this is to take the time to stop, look, and capture the feeling of the season. I want to enjoy each day and sometimes I can get so caught up in my list of to-do's that I forget to stop and pause, so this photo a day challenge is to make me stop and pause. And, I am going to endeavor to post my picture on a daily basis, possibly with some thought that stuck out to me during the day, if my brain computed anything worth sharing.

I'm not sure if you can do this or not, I will have to check, but hopefully you will be able to upload your photo in the comments section of this blog. If you can't do that, you can post your picture under my blog link in Facebook.

So here's the list and the date to go with them.

1. Favorite Holiday Movie
2. Slippers
3. A smile
4. Book you are Reading
5. A hug
6. Fireplace
7. Wrapping paper
8. Favorite Christmas decoration
9. Something that brings you joy.
10. Christmas lights
11. A lit candle
12. A cozy blanket
13. Your favorite ornament
14. Candy Cane
15. Stockings
16. Baking
17. Favorite Christmas Book
18. A Family Holiday Tradition
19. Pajamas
20. Faces of loved ones
21. Christmas Tree
22. Wrapped Presents
23. A mug with a hot drink
24. A natvitiy set
25. Christmas morning JOY
26. Weather outside
27. Something new
28. Journal
29. Nap
30. List of goals
31. New Years Eve Prep

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