Thursday, March 17, 2016

What are Toys?

My sister asked me the other day if Amber ever plays with toys. Yes, she does, but..... she loves things that aren't toys. She loves to play with her socks. So the other day I took pictures of the different things she played with that day. It's not necessarily all-inclusive, but it gives you a glimpse.  Maybe I'm a bad mom by letting her have so many non-toy items, but my philosophy is, if she's not going to hurt it, it's not going to hurt her and she's happy, play away with certain exceptions. My kitchen cupboards are off limits. I just don't like the idea of her emptying them out and me having to organize and reshelve everything again.

Magnetic alphabets. She doesn't play with on magnetic surfaces, but she does play with them.

 These are hinges of various designs that are eventually supposed to become a board for Amber to play with, but until then it is great fun to rattle the packages.
 My cookbooks.  It's big and huge and fun to turn the pages while I stand at the office chair, because doesn't everyone store their cookbooks on office chairs?
 My punches. She can't hurt them can she and it's fun to open the lid and pull them out. I did take away the one thing after she had cut her finger on it. Inattentive mom moment.
 Yes, that's a little bread pan, gotten out for the purpose of it being magnetic and the alphabet letters would stick to it. I should wash it and return it to its place because it is so not used for that. And yes, a sock. Socks are off her feet more than they are on.
 A tea set which was a birthday gift. She likes playing with this very much.
 Individual Kleenex packages, which was all fun and games, but now have become off limits because' she's figured out how to open them and pull the Kleenexes out. Not so great.

Empty containers. Not always a favorite play thing, but today she did play with it a little bit.
 Yes, the Vitamin C container. It rattles when you shake it, why not? Yes, I know it should be kept out of reach of children and everything.
And yes, sometimes she does play with toys.  It's pretty hard work being a little girl and having to find all these non-toy things to play with. 

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