Thursday, February 4, 2016

Amber's Birthday Gift Part One

So after exclaiming over something so excitedly there's always that hesitancy then when showing others because you wonder if they will find your idea/project/thought/etc. as exciting as you did. So we'll start off with a pick of the little munchkin which I see turned out a little blurry.

This is tin foil tube that she was able to stick in her mouth and hang on to with her teeth and no hands. She must have some seriously strong teeth. 

These are the blocks I made for her for her birthday. Many long years ago my brother made the plain wooden blocks. I painted them, covered them with scrapbook paper and then put a capital letter, lowercase letter, number that corresponds to that letter's placement in the alphabet, a shape, a picture that starts with that letter of the alphabet and a plain square. As you can also see they lean just a bit because of the layers on them. Next time I would maybe trying painting the letters on rather than using cardstock. I have some fun combinations I would like to try with these. So if anyone is looking for a gift for that youngster in their life, let me know. I would be happy to make you a set of blocks. There are 26 in a set just in case you don't know for sure how many letters are in the alphabet!!!!! Oh, I also should mention that there are four layers of Mod Podge on these things. I'm still not sure how they will hold up beings she is sure they are meant to be eaten. I think she will only be allowed to play with these under direct supervision until she learns not to stick them in her mouth. I am afraid her two little top teeth will still be able to work down through the layers of Mod Podge. 

And my helper while I was photographing the blocks. I see this one is also blurry. I think that next year one of my goals should be to learn some better photography skills. 

She disappeared into the pantry to see what could be found. I can only post this pic since it was taken after having cleaned out the pantry a few weeks back. Before that, that room was a scary place.

Well, that's all I have for this week. I'll be back next Thursday if not before or after.

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