Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I should or I could be napping right now.  My eyes feel weighted down by a load of bricks; my coffee is growing lukewarm and my fattening pick me up pumpkin pie bar is gone. (You should really make these, by the way. They are delicious. I'll come back to that.) And so I sit here on my computer, prying the eyelids open and wondering why I don't follow D's suggestion and just lay back and take a nap.

I'll explain a little: Amber's naptime is my time to get stuff done.  I work on transcribing. I hula hoop. I wash dishes (only if absolutely necessary). I work on my hobbies. I try to be productive. Obviously, also I can waste time on the internet. I was going to transcribe, but the people were talking too quiet, it was too hard for me too hear and therefore required too much work and effort.

Naps also make me feel lazy and can make me feel grumpy.  Though, I tried to take a nap on Saturday.  It resulted in a conversation with God in which I felt told to get over myself, be cheerful, be submissive and happy, and to pray more and talk less.  Can you understand why I might be hesitant to take another nap?  That was a real sound thrashing there and I haven't mastered that one yet.  But it's true; it often takes me awhile to wake up and regroup from a nap and it can often leave me bewildered and zoned.  It does help if you are woke up to a baby because then there is no gradual waking up.

Some sleeping quotes I like:

This last one describes Amber perfectly, except last night it felt like more every 15 minutes or half hour.  I'm not sure what was wrong.  She seems to be back to her cold which I had thought triumphantly she was over.  Probably should have double guessed that beings I'm fighting a nasty something or other that just involves my voice and my throat.

Any way, maybe I will just go take that nap after all.  Because really, toothpicks start hurting your eyes after awhile.

Take care everyone and nap away.

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