Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In the Interest of Being Honest

So, the thing with blogs and Facebook and all other forms of social media is you can hide.  You only post the pretty pictures, the nicely arranged living room, the meal that turned out as you meant it to, etc. etc.  You only tell the happy stories, the stories of triumph and you keep the dirty little secrets all carefully hoarded to yourself.

This hiding thing has the potential to cause a lot of jealousy and loss of self-worth and feelings of inadequacy to develop in the readers.  To be a good mom, do I have to let my child play in the oatmeal/flour/water mixture and get it all over their hands and face? Is that the only way they can explore textures and tastes?  Am I a bad mom if I give my baby a bottle while reading book? Am I hindering bonding time by not looking into their eyes as they drink their bottle?  Amber closes her eyes most of the time while she drinks her bottle so I figure she's not too interested in the bonding thing anyway.

So, what are the messy things that happen in your house?  The things you don't want to take a picture of and post because you don't want anyone else to see?

Okay, I didn't take a picture because I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to see, but has anyone else done this?  Amber is enthralled by the washing machine.  I have a front loader washer and dryer and she is intrigued by watching it go around.  Has anyone else sat your baby down on the floor next to the dirty laundry and let them watch the washer go around knowing full well that they would soon be grabbing the dirty clothes and prewashing them for you?  It allowed me to get the dishes washed and the fridge wiped out before the game got old and for those of you completely freaking out because you would never let your child do this?: they were her own clothes she played with and I just hoped the washcloth she sucked on was a washcloth that had been used on her face and not to give her a bath. She was happy: who am I to care?

She just took a 2 hour and 40 minute nap and I hear her upstairs in her crib.  She doesn't sound traumatized by the adventure of playing with dirty clothes.  So there is my "dirty secret" pun intended. What's yours?

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