Friday, September 18, 2015

An Unlikely Couple

So, I don't know how many people have watched Shrek, but that song phrase: "I'm a Believer" has been running through my head since last evening.  Why?  Because of the unlikely marriage of two things.

For awhile, I have been disturbed by the these ugly marks on our shower surround and on the tub as well.  You know, that soap scum or water marks or whatever it is.  Maybe you don't know because you religiously clean your shower regularly and that takes care of it, but anyway if that's the case, I'm not sure we can be friends.  So this dirtiness, stain, etc. was really bothering me.  I had tried to get it off, but nothing seemed to work.  Websites would talk about the wonders of Dawn and vinegar and I would try it and it would help some, but nothing seemed to really take it all off.

Then I read something about warming the vinegar and adding an equal amount of Dawn. So, last night, I was desperate.  I heated a cup of vinegar, dumped in some Blue Up & Up dish soap (comparable to Dawn and handier than my Dawn), put it all in a spray bottle and went to work spraying the shower.  I sprayed it all down and left it set while I went to do other things like clean the rest of the bathroom.

Oh my!!! I came back and started to wipe down the surround and it was a breeze.  The surround actually shone!!  I declare it sparkled and said thank you all except for the places I missed spraying.  But GONE was the yucky off-colored soap scummy yuck.  It was now smooth surround again.  I looked in the shower again this morning and yup, it's still shiny.

I do not know how Dawn and vinegar work together.  To me, vinegar as a cleaning agent is just weird.  I don't get it at all, but hey it works.

Now, I suppose this analogy could be directed into people marriage as well, but it has potential to have a really good point and a really bad point.  You could say by eliminating the distractions of the third party, the water, the cleaning agents were really able to make their point and get the job done.  Distractions in a marriage can have the same lackluster influence.  Or you could argue the point that the water was the glue that held it all together which would equate to God being in the center of our marriage and then there is no point to make anymore. So here is where all analogies break down and I will stop trying to spiritualize my shower cleaning experience.

I should have before and after pictures, but I'm really bad at taking pictures to begin with and for sure of things that I don't know if there will be an after to capture.

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