Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Critical Reaction the Second

I felt like it was time to post something other than just book reviews, but now I am not entirely sure what to say.  I thought the title Critical Reaction does elicit an interesting line of thoughts. Does anyone want to say what there first thoughts are when thinking of that combination of words?

Do you zero in on the critical part and think someone is being critical of the reaction of someone else?

Or do you think of the reaction word first and think that the way you respond in the given circumstance is extremely critical?

What kind of reaction do you feel when you hear the following news bulletins?

--30-100% horse meat found in some kind of lasagna that Aldi's sells.  They buy it from someplace in France who was advertising beef and putting horse meat in instead.  Who's gonna know?  It seems the manufacturers might be passing the buck to the stores by saying they were putting pressure on them to lower their prices.

--Parents charged with murder after following Mike and Debbi Pearl's "Train up a Child" book.  Supposedly the girl was found naked out in the back yard, was emaciated and had evidence of having been beaten.  I don't buy much into the Pearl's system of operation, but I believe that has gone a step too far to leave them out in the cold and starve them.  I followed a fascinating facebook post/comments on that this afternoon for awhile and let me just say there were some critical reactions and if you even dared to try and support the Pearl's you were in danger of being badly lashed out at.

--Kulp wins 69th Assembly Republican Primary.  Yes, that is old news--I am actually waiting to see if he won the main election today, but that isn't up yet.  I know there are many and varied opinions on this, but I personally think it would be kind of cool if he won. Someone I sort of know in government.  That isn't going to happen very often.  I don't really know what the 69th Assembly person does, but it sounds important!!!

So that brings me to some questions that can garner critical reactions:  (please tell me what you think)
1. Are there Christian politicians?
2. How long were the days when God created the earth?  24 hour days or longer or shorter?
3. Who wants a foot of snow for Thanksgiving and then another foot every couple of weeks the rest of the winter?
4. Who thinks all medical people are out to get you?
5. Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven?
6. Who thinks black socks are cool?
7. Why do adults wear tights?
8.  And if your church standard says no thin hosiery, should you be wearing tights instead?
9. Why is it called a potluck meal?
10. What should we name our first child?

That's all for now folks.


  1. I'll answer #3 NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! And #10 nice to stick that at the very end of your post. :)

  2. Ha! I like how you just threw #10 out there. :) Congrats by the way! And I have no idea. When you have a baby shower you should request one of the games to be where people write a boys name and a girls name on paper and you get to keep them. Might get some good ideas.
    #9 - do you call it carry in or potluck? Both seem a little "mennonite" :)
    I never got into wearing tights and I DON'T want to get involved with church standards and definitions. :)
    Haven't got into black socks.
    Lots of other interesting questions. :)

  3. How about this question: Should you just entitle your entire blog site, "Critical Reaction"???? :-) :-)


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