Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On writing

The big question here is: can I write?  I like to write, but that means nothing to nobody.  Anybody that can string two words together can write, but not everybody will write something that is thought-provoking, stirring, inspiration, laugh-out-loud funny, or motivational or any combination of the above.

I just read a good book called "Sparkly Green Earrings" by Melanie Shankle.  It was a free ebook, which is all the rage in my life right now.  (Yes, me, who said that Kindle was so lame and I just want to hold a book in my hands, thank you very much.  But hey, I still like books because their batteries never run low; but Kindle books can always be read in the dark, so there are pros and cons to both side)  Now, where were we?  Anyway, this Melanie Shankle, she can write.  She writes about the first 8 years being a mom and while I can't relate to the stories, I find them very humorous.

That brings me to the next topic: reading to earn books.  Tyndale has a summer reading program where if you read books off of their summer 2013 list and write a few reviews on them, you earn points.  You earn 5 points, you get a free book.  Not bad, huh?  The one problem is our local library doesn't carry a lot of these books, but hey amazon has a few of them for free at times!!!  I love books and am always happy to get a free one.  Partly because of this, I learned about a new author as well: Chris Fabry.  While I am not through the book yet, I have really enjoyed it.

That could bring me to the next topic: how strict should you be on your reading material?  Should you only read CLP, Rod and Staff and Pathway publishers?  Is it okay to branch out and see what is out there?  There was a topic on this the other evening at our church and since I know that there are some people from church that read this blog, I will be careful what I say.  I will say this though: there were some good points made.  I sometimes wonder though, on evenings like this--do people actually live that out in a day-to-day life or is there reading material more stringent all of a sudden when there is a topic with open discussion.  Now, I am not accusing anyone that made comments that night--I am asking this as an open-ended question for where ever the subject of reading material is raised.  I know for myself, if I had been asked about reading material that night, I probably would have advocated the good, inspirational books I read, but soft-pedaled the fiction kind.

So what books have you read in the last while?  What books are you reading now?  Truthfully, I am not always proud of my reading material; I am trying to be careful--just because I can get it for free doesn't mean I should.  But I like to think I am pretty open on reading options and I am trying to become a fan of more biography, deep-thinking, educational reading material.

Now, I've sort of lost my way here on the writing issue that I started with, but that's okay.  I think for me, I just need to write.  Whatever comes to mind and hopefully, with time, I will become better and better at it.

But that is it for now: maybe next time I can talk about the joys of camping, cutting quilts, having a daily planner, family time or any other subject that comes up.  In the mean time, I will stay up at least until 1:00 in the morning and help to usher in a new little life into the world.  That could be a whole other blog post in and of itself.

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  1. Well what a bummer to get to the end of your blog and see no comments yet. Here is the last few books I have read….
    Intimate Allies by Dan Allander (Read only By pieces)
    From East to West by Ravi Zacharias (a must read)
    My heart's cry by Anne Graham Lotz (reading Now)
    I would love to read more but I feel what little time I do have to read I want to make it worth while. I just went thro my books and threw out or gave away a few more. I do have a higher standard of reading for my girls then I had but By all means do they do not have to be CLE books. Sorry that would be a poor diet. I like their books as a rule but children need a few Beverly Cleary books and classics too other wise they would have a unbalanced view of life. Well we all would!!


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