Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rescue My by Susan May Warren

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I'm back again with another fiction book review. This one definitely rates higher on my radar than some of the last ones.  If you like grizzly bear attacks with good endings, an incredible car accident where everyone walks out alive, a bit of romance, and some good truths about God, and not necessarily in that order of importance, you might enjoy this book.

I like Susan's writings. She can mix intrigue and drama and still bring out God's work very nicely I think. This book had a lot to do with accepting God's grace and His rescuing power in our lives. Once we see that we need rescued, we need to step back and let Him work it out. We need to let go of anger and guilt and work to forgive ourselves and then those around us who we are sure have wronged us or betrayed us. That's putting it all in my words.

Another interesting thing from the book is on perspective: "See, when we're stuck in our everyday troubles, we can get focused on them, and that's all we see. We don't see God at work in our lives, just the darkness around us. But if you turn it around, look up, start finding a way to thank God, even praise him, you'll discover a different view." How true is that? Gratitude and praise will go a long way in changing a person's perspective. For that I am grateful.

And of course, there was the romance with the usual misunderstandings that always seem to get resolved, except the book did end with only one couple resolving their issues and the other one still in limbo. And in true fiction classic, everything turns out fine for everybody in the end, I guess. There were still a few missing pieces that I'm not sure if the next book will fill in, because it seems to turn the focus to a different main character for the next book.

I did enjoy this book and am thankful to Revell for giving me a copy. I was not required to write a positive review, but am always happy when I have good things to say about books.

And I want to remember to keep my focus on God and look to Him and keep short accounts with Him, with myself, and with the people around me.

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