Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck

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Rachel is a relatively new-to-me author that I have discovered. The first two books I read by her were The Wedding Chapel and The Wedding Shop and they were hands down some really good books. That's saying a lot because they were written in a style that normally doesn't appeal to me.

So I was excited when I saw she had another book coming out. This was the fourth in a series, so I got the first two from the library and am still waiting on the third one. I think I'm 9th on the waiting list the last time I checked, so it will be awhile.

Anyway, this is the final book in a series of American girl meeting Brighton (think like England) royalty and falling in love. I enjoy the whole prince, king, fairy tale aspect of the stories and think Rachel did a good job at writing them. To me, they aren't as good as the other books I have read from her, but they were still an interesting read. I will say that having four books in this series that are basically the same premise is a little redundant and yet I did enjoy them.

I think one paragraph from the epilogue of the book sums up a lot of what life is about. "'My greatest treasures are my wife and children. I'm aware that when I stand before the Lord of all the ages and He judges my life, He will ask first and foremost if I learned to love my wife and children more than myself. I hope when I say yes, He replies, "Well done"'".

Loving my husband and children more than myself, that requires sacrifice and humility and great dependence on God, but yes, I do believe it is a very important part of my calling as a child of God, my calling as a wife and my calling as a mother and even a friend to love God first and then others next and myself last. But I cannot do it without God.

This book was given me by the publisher. A review on this website was not required and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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