Saturday, November 21, 2015

What is Truth (Part 1)

Yes, I said part one because thoughts have been going through my head on this subject and I'm not going to write much tonight and I want to give myself the option of continuing it later.

I'm teaching SS tomorrow and the title is "Walking in Truth". I'll admit, I saw that title and thought, "Oh this will be easy" and then I read the text and I was blank.  2 John and 3 John for those who want to read and offer insight.

I read it a few more times and thoughts started to come, questions mostly. I like to come to class armed with questions and I will ask them in different ways until someone starts talking and if nobody talks tomorrow, I will call out names. That is a threat to anyone out there that might read this tonight or early tomorrow morning and attend my SS class, so take heed.

How do you "love in the truth?"

How do "truth and love" work together? I'm reading a book that explains this a little I think, but I won't talk about it now because I need to write a book review on it.

"And this is love, that we walk after his commandments."

And then there's some verses on deceivers and antichrists and how you should not let them into your house and you should not bid them God speed and I want to cry. How do I know if they are false teachers? What if they are really seeking and confused and I turn them away? And then there's Diotrephes in the next book and he was proud and arrogant and turned away missionaries of the Gospel and yet he wasn't kicked out of the church.

And then we move beyond the SS lesson and start talking about truth in the books we read and the things we listen to and then I must bid you adieu because I am starting to get a passion for this and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to tackle this hornet's nest yet.  I leave with one question: do the things you read and listen to and believe line up with God's Word? And some thoughts on a topic on the books we read: maybe coming later.

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