Monday, February 9, 2015


Oatmeal Chocolate Caramel Bars
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These are amazing!!!!!!!!

No, I didn't take the picture, I'm not that good at food pictures and I was way too lazy and besides my pan of bars haven't reached this consistency yet.

If you look at the recipe, it will tell you to let them cool completely before cutting so the caramel can set up.  Do yourself a favor and ignore that command.  As soon as you have put these bars in the oven and cleaned up just a bit, get out a knife and cut yourself a small piece because you simply can't wait any longer.  Than, after you have oohed and aahed the decadence, go put on the coffee pot, invite over a friend, spoon out a bigger piece because the knife really doesn't work that well with all the melty goodness and eat away.

Just trust me, it's a good way to spend a Monday afternoon.

I would talk about the other bars I made too, but they are still in the oven, so I haven't been able to taste test those.  Even I have the common sense not to try them while they are still baking.

I give all credit to Mel at Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  This is another successful recipe that I pulled of her blog and compiled into a very huge cookbook.  In case you're wondering, that cookbook I was talking about earlier, it holds over 300 recipes in  one of those really big binders--you know the ones that if you lug around it is equivalent to lifting weights.  Yeah, it's big, but I've made at least three recipes out of it now and while I haven't tested the third one, I'm quite sure it will be very good as well (really what can go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie/cream cheese filling combination?).  Plus there are some recipes in there that I had already tested.  She is just plain a good cook.

Okay, I need to let you go because I know you are longing to get to your kitchen and make these bars for supper tonight.  Your family will thank you!!!

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