Friday, August 9, 2013

Simple Etiquette and Stinky Feet

I haven't done a To Do or Not to Do List for awhile so I think I will list a couple of things that come to my mind today.
1.  It is fine to ask to use the phone; however discussing your financial situation in the waiting room is probably a bit too much.  But discussing it on the phone in an exam room when the nurse or doctor are trying to do their job is also a bit annoying; but beings you weren't the patient, I have some patience with you.  I also do understand your desire not to get your bill turned over to the collection agency because yes, that is very unfortunate.
2.  If you are crossing your legs with your one very stinky, decaying foot facing the drawer the nurse is trying to get in, please move.  Move farther than 2 inches too.  Because the nurse is trying to grab her gloves and grab them quickly and they happen to be at the back of the drawer and a little stubborn.  But if you want to, move 2 inches, watch while the nurse struggles to grab her gloves and then say innocently:  "Am I in your way?"
3. Please wash your arm before coming to the doctor's office.  Maybe it doesn't bother you that the nurse has to use 2 alcohol wipes are your arm before she is comfortable poking you with a needle.  And maybe it doesn't bother you that there is a very noticeable spot  that is clean where the nurse wiped with the aforementioned alcohol wipes.  If it doesn't bother you; that's great--I believe I would be mortified.  Maybe I should learn a lesson from you.

Well, those are the things that come to my mind right now and since I don't know when any of you may be going to the doctor next, I wanted to get it out there quick and let you know what you should and shouldn't do.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

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