Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to All

I had my Thanksgiving post somewhat formulated in my head.  It was the post in which the Eeyore in me was going to come out in a very depressing post purposely posted on Thanksgiving day.  That post is still in my head, but the day has passed and I didn't take the time to get it out on the computer screen.

So instead, I will focus on a little happier things in life.  I am happy because my mom came down yesterday and we shot off to town on a lark and bought material and came home and made 4 purses.  They are quite cute if I must say so myself.  She left around 10 this morning; I finished the purses and then went hunting with D.  That was many hours in a tree stand, but I looked at the Black Friday ads, read, and we played some Rook, so it was some quality and quiet together time.

Tonight, I finished up some Birthday gifts; I'd go into more detail, but one never knows who reads this anymore and I can't risk my secrets being discovered by the wrong person.  But let's just say, that as each project gets completed this early, my inward cheers get a little louder.  You see, in my husband's family, whenever anyone has a significant birthday: 16, 30, 40, etc. it is a tradition to get them as many gifts as they are old.  This year, D's sisters turned 30 and 40 and that makes a lot of little gifts to get around, 5-8 per person.  But I am happy, because most of my gifts this year will be handmade.  Handmade makes me smile, and sometimes I think it makes D groan, but all in all I think he approves so far of my gifts.

But now, I must retire and get some shut-eye.  It's Black Friday tomorrow and we are going shopping.  Now, the we is NOT D and I.  I don't think that would last long, but the we is my co-workers and/or wives. It promises to be delightful.

My dreary, Eeyore like post in which I talk about the depressing days at work will have to wait.

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