Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things in Life that Make me Smile

After the last sad and more dreary post, I decided it was time to post some happy things in life:

 Going on dates with D.  I think it can be as nice now as when we were dating because going on a date now means I don't have to cook.  And yes, I like D for other reasons than that too, but I don't do gush and mush on the world wide web.
 My very tiny fall decor.  And I have no idea what those darkish spots are on the green.  I didn't realize there were any there in real life, but there could be.  My washer has a tendency to make things dirty when washing with just such spots.  I think I might have helped the situation some, but don't know.
 Coffee and Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread (not pictured) with friends.  It was a lovely day that day.  Coffee with friends in the morning and a girls' club staff meeting in the evening.  A very abnormal Saturday for me in that I pretty much did nothing, but wait--that's kind of what I did this last Saturday too, so maybe not so abnormal for me.
 I don't normally get into all dressy dressy pics.  I am more of a casual picture person, but I did think the pic turned out okay.  I really need to go drag us off somewhere to take some good pics for Christmas cards.
My homemade laundry detergent.  I went off another spree of laundry soap.  I liked my last soap, but for 2 problems--it got way too thick and so I would find chunks of it that didn't dissolve in the bottom of my washer after washing a load of laundry. :( And the second problem, it didn't smell, which was an issue to certain members of the household.  So I made a granule soap that has smellies in it, which cost, I might almost as much as the other main ingredients put together.  I also added some whitener to it as well.  So the 2 optional ingredients really increased the cost per load, but when compared with Tide, it was still quite cheap.  If my math and memory serves me right, my homemade soap will cost approximately $0.07/load and Tide would cost me $0.21/load.  For a little over $28, I figure I have a years worth of laundry soap and it smells lovely when it is done washing.  So there you have it...

There are other things in life that make me smile too, but these are a few that I decided to list with pictures.  Tuesday mornings off work make me smile too--I will smile larger if I get off my rocking chair and out from under my electric blanket (all smile-worthy things though) and go sit at the sewing machine and finish my quilt.  Hopefully that will be the next pic that I post.

In other news, camping in frosty weather is a great delight--all the other campers take pity on you and you start to grow nervous thinking they think you may not have any other home to go to.  Chasing racoons at night is also noteworthy when camping.

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  1. Hey I want your laundry recipe if I may. I'm needing to do it again right now I'm using bought stuff.


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