Friday, August 13, 2010


So, it's been awhile since I've posted. I'm at work right now, but have a little down time, so thought I would say hi to everyone.

Tonight, we are going to attempt our 3rd camping trip of the year. Rain has occurred at every other camping trip so far, and this one doesn't look so favorable. We got a good dump this morning and now I am hoping that will be it. But the beautiful thing is, the rain has decreased the thermometer's rising levels. Wow!!! It was warm the last few days. Warm enough to make me almost crabby. Most of it was pretend, but I wouldn't have done well with a child. Warm flesh against my warm flesh would have about done me in. But of course, I am sure when you have a child, all such selfish inclinations flee and I would have been content and happy rocking my baby to sleep while the sweat slithered gracelessly down my back, my forehead, my neck..... Is that how it works?

Yesterday, was a bad day at work; the main computer crashed first thing which handicaps the rest of the computers, which means no schedule, no patient charts, no billing systems, no nothing. So we did some cleaning, read the Budget, shot the breeze and overall didn't seem to accomplish too much until finally we went home early, leaving the boss to struggle and toil away until finally a new computer box was purchased and we are back in business today. So now the secretary is blessed with the job of sitting for hours or so it seems on tech support lines trying to get all the various printers back up and running so we can do our labs pertinent to life at a small town clinic.

Oh, we did get to see a burning vehicle yesterday. Milk truck ran into the guard rails about 1/4 mile or so (give or take a half-mile) and burst into flames. That was kind of neat to watch. I understand the man was able to get out; which was a concern on our end. I have discovered that clean up tends to be long and tedious. It took them about 6 or 7 hours to get the road opened again.

So, how much should good camping food cost?

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