Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Post

Its been a while since I posted so I thought maybe it is time for an update. However, I am on my phone and not sure it will be worth the effort to do an in depth post.

First of all, let me say that it is 6:30 in the morning. We have been driving since 9:06 last night and so any attempt at philosophizing may be sadly lacking. So I will try to spare you the trial.

We are enroute to New York to go camping with the in-laws. We have our last puppy riding along in the back seat. Not sure what went wrong but since stopping the cage is sitting back there rattling away!!! But the good news is the puppy is tucked away for another nap. So far he makes a fair traveler.

Does traveler really only have one L? I consider myself a fairly good speller and I just don't know if that's how I would have spelled it.

Sometime I need to talk about my garden. Well, maybe ill just do it now. Since I started keeping track about 2 or so weeks ago, we have taken off 93 buckets of weeds. These are 5 gallon buckets that are stuffed full. That's a lot of weeds. That's about all I will say about my garden. I am very pleased with the production this year. Its been fun to eat fresh things. I am a little tired of beans though and I've only done them twice and mom has helped on one of those.

Well I think it is time to move on now. There's more things to say, but I will have to come back later.

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